However, I am very happy to recommend those who do.

The most commonly sought services are spring repair or replacement and spring re-greasing. Broken springs can be repaired, but as replacements for HMV and Edison machines are still manufactured, repairs are often only necessary or economical if the broken one is of a size no longer available. Surprisingly unsold stocks of many sizes are still being uncovered in old shops and stores to this day.

   phn-m    Who will repair my machine?

If you need repair or overhaul work done I would recommend;

In the SOUTH of England; 

Mike Child 01234 340829 is a good mechanic. Mike is based in Bedford but attends Portobello Road market in West London every Saturday (and Sunday in summertime). He also has an Ebay Store under the name 'soundgen' where he sells many spare parts at fixed prices by mail order.

In Dorset Area

Mike Coslett attends Bridport Market every Saturday and may be able to take on repairs in the Dorset area. If you wish to discuss a possible repair, his telephone number is 01202 682821

In the NORTH of England;

Ken Priestly in Holmfirth, Yorkshire 01484 686854 is a very competent repairer and restorer.

scotlandc4e   In Scotland 
Mark Gray may be able to help you. Call him first on 0141 357 0586

italyc4e21   In Italy

Nicola Mastrorilli at Via Monte de Pieta N.34, 70033 Corato, Bari, Italy is a very distinguished engineer and restorer to the famous Contini Phonograph Collection.

His telephone number is; +39 80 8721124 Mobile 333 2488757                    


Specialist Soundbox and Reproducer Repairs

If you are specifically looking to repair or replace the reproducer of an Edison, Columbia or other cylinder phonograph, look no further than Keith Badman. Keith also repairs and restores gramophone soundboxes. All repairs are returned to you by registered post. Keith prefers that you send the work similarly safeguarded so that there can be no dispute over the possible non-arrival of items sent. You may send repairs to;

9, Boucher’s Hill, North Tawton, Devon EX20 2DG

If in doubt as to what can be done for you- call him first on 01837 82701.

Most importantly- Keith manufactures wonderful reproduction Edison and Columbia reproducers and has done so for for over thirty years- (ironically twice as long as the original companies!). A list of his products and prices may be had on request.


A reproduction Edison reproducer made by Keith Badman.

Any newly-made reproducers that you see for sale elsewhere will almost certainly be his products further marked up, so now you know where to get them direct!

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