I will be out of touch from April 8th to the 16th. You are welcome to write to me, but just don't expect a reply until the 17th! I always need more stock to keep up with demand, so please don't stop sending offers of things for me to buy, except...

...please don't offer me any cabinet gramophones unless they are either by HMV or in novelty cases (like a piano-shaped case) as I no longer have a market for them. I am sorry, but I may not reply to enquiries about such machines as I just don't have the time at present to turn them down individually.

I am aware that in a recent transfer of my web-building program between computers, one or two of my images have 'gone awol'. I will rectify this as soon as I can.

If you are looking to buy or sell a genuine gramophone or phonograph then you have come to the right place!  I have been collecting them since 1972 and trading for only a little less time; forty years of knowledge and experience. Over this period I have handled just about everything that the subject covers from humble portables to 'tinfoil' Edisons from the beginning of recorded sound history.

Drip Pan

Little; An 1898 Edison 'Drip-Pan' Gem. I have only ever had
one other example of this type that was completely original 
like this one. Although in 'world-weary' condition the motor 
runs well and the drip-pan and unique 'Gem' reproducer are 
all present. Now sold; another early (1901) Gem on the way...


...and large; A 1905 Edison Model 'B' Triumph retro-fitted with
 a 2/4 gearbox. Now reserved. More to add when I get home...

If you are becoming interested in the subject of early machines and records, you might like to join a club or society dedicated to their study. Groups exist all over the world, and links to a number of them may be found on a page here.

A Date for your diary! Sunday May 11th will see his year's NVCF (National Vintage Communications Fair) in Leamington. More information here...

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