If you are looking to buy or sell a vintage gramophone or phonograph then you have come to the right place! I have been trading in them since 1976- almost forty years of specialisation in this fascinating field of collecting. 

Introducing; The Diaphone...


I have seen one of these strange reflector machines before
but cannot imagine that anyone would pay the extra it must 
have cost to buy it with a hide leather case. Given the sound
quality produced, I hope it was cheap! Still; a rare portable.
See more images on the 'Gramophones for Sale' page.

I always need more stock to keep up with demand, so keep those offers coming, except please don't offer me any cabinet gramophones unless they are either made by HMV or housed in novelty (like a piano-shaped machine) as I no longer have a market for them. I am sorry, but I may not reply to enquiries about such machines as I just don't have the time at present to turn them down individually.


If you want decent reproduction then you need an HMV!
I still think that quality 1920's table models are underpriced
when I see the price that other mechanical antiques make.
1925 HMV Model 10; on the 'Gramophones for Sale page.

If you are becoming interested in the subject of early machines and records, you might like to join a club or society dedicated to their study. Groups exist all over the world, and links to a number of them may be found on a page here.


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